Hermes Birkin Picnic 25 Brown Palladium Hardware Bag


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After 10 years, the classicPicnic picnic series handbags It’s back again. Its predecessor was the little brother Kelly Picnic 35 woven bag brought by Jean Paul Gaultier in his last Herm├Ęs show. It was once speculated on second-hand luxury goods websites.

But this time everyone’s chance came again. Big brother Birkin made his debut with woven materials.

The Birkin Picnic 25 details are very delicate, brown calfskin and topstitching The car thread, and the connecting part of the rattan and calfskin is processed closely. This is a test of craftsmanship. 100% fully handmade!

Hermes Birkin Picnic 25 Brown Palladium Hardware Bag